4 reasons to head to BOZAR Night

Have you ever looked at art WHILE dancing to electronic beats? That’s exactly what you can experience on November 10 during the BOZAR Night, and this time it’s all about Europalia Indonesia.


1. Power and Other Things (expo)

It’s no coincidence that this thrilling exhibition starts with a painting of a volcano. The last two centuries have been very explosive, simmering with intriguing stories and punctuated by violent eruptions. Discover this fascinating history through artefacts of the time and through the eyes of contemporary artists.


2. DJ Dea

With his sunny sets that mix tropical disco, obscure grooves and electronic music of all genres, DJ Dea (aka Aradea Barandana) is one of the most popular DJs on Bali. His evenings attract legions of Indonesian and international fans. BBC music guru Gilles Peterson is a big fan: after attending one of his concerts at Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club, he declared it to be one of the most brilliant sets he had heard in the last decade.


3. Ancestors & Rituals (expo)

You get get tot hat higher plain on the dance floor, but also among the spiritual figures at the exhibition Ancestors & Rituals. Dead people live on in Indonesia, and take all forms and shapes, from cuddly to creepy.


4. Wolf Müller (music)

Europalia invited this descendant of Krautrock to discover the rural music of Kalimantan in Borneo. He recorded and assimilated traditional music and collected typical instruments of the region. This strange mix of German funk and Indonesian tribal traditions promises to be particularly intense!