Brussels Bijou: The Battle Is On!

Brussels Bijou is a brand new prize for amateur artists in the capital. In the course of two evenings seven shortlisted candidates will show what they can do while the jury decides who will be the very first winner of the BRUSSELS BIJOU.

Here are the seven candidates. Who is your favourite? 



Inspired by The Truman Show, the young directors Eline George and Elke Gryson take seven enthusiastic young people from the Kunsthumaniora on a frantic race for popularity. They would do everything to be the public favourites. Making them as vulnerable as they are loathsome. 

Strengths: innovative format* improvisation * teamwork


De koffie wordt koud

As a radio student at the RITCS and later with the Zender youth project at Studio Brussel, Amber Meulenijzer tinkered with sound. She also went on to explore the world of scenography. With De koffie wordt koud she created a theatrical installation, a sound work with decor. 



A director and a choreographer set to work with a group of secondary school students on the concept of "identity".  The young people come from four schools in the heart of Anderlecht and Molenbeek and finally get the chance to tell their story.  

Strengths: without fear and vulnerable * surprising


On The Road

A group of very talented and unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan tell in Persian, punctuated with occasional French, of their flight, disappointments, hopes and dreams. The past is lost, the future is uncertain, and the present consists of waiting.  On The Road grew out of De Munt's Songs of Longing project.

Strengths: exciting scenography * strong video * a necessary voice in this city


On Troc pas nous!

On Troc Pas Nous – Teaser

Troc échange is a Facebook group for private sales and swaps. But the discussions between the members soon explore the realms of fashion, relational problems, politics and cooking. Ras El Hanout is a Molenbeek association that organised workshops and placed them on Facebook, thereby itself creating a virtual community.  

Strengths: important organisation * dialogue with the public * forms a community



The theatre company has its origins in the enthusiastic participants in a theatre class at GC De Markten. For their 10th anniversary they decided to get to grips with Greek theatre. Directed by Koen Boesmans, this is the third and bloody part of the trilogy.   

Strengths: talented amateurs * passion and dedication

Désintégration culturelle

Nadine Baboy is a dancer, choreographer, actress and poet who became famous thanks to So You Think You Can Dance. As a black Belgian with Congolese parents, bound to her African roots but without speaking a word of Lingala, she explores her place between two cultures with hip-hop, house, dancehall, krump and flamenco.

Strengths: charisma * stage presence * depth and vision

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