A Brand New War Requiem

Composer Annelies Van Parys 100 years after WW1

On Sunday 11 November, exactly 100 years after the Armistice, BOZAR and the Belgian National Orchestra commemorate the First World War with an impressive new War Requiem by Belgian composer Annelies Van Parys.

Belgian National Orchestra. War Requiem | Teaser (sub. english)

“The work focuses on the suffering caused by war in general. So it’s all the more striking that its origin lies in the commemorations of the First World War, which was supposed to be ‘the war to end all wars’. Since that First World War the world has lived through war after war…
That’s why I gave A War Requiem a cyclical structure: the end refers to the beginning, with the return of the same musical element but transposed. It’s the musical expression of the idea of history – albeit with variations – repeating itself.”

Annelies Van Parys

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