Family Day - in the age of Bruegel

On Sunday 31 March you and your family and friends will be plunged into the 16th century, the age of Bruegel. There’s plenty to see and visit and an awful lot to do. Here are 5 fun workshops and special activities which will be running non-stop between 10am and 5pm during our Family Day:

1. Print your own incredible creatures and crazy monsters with a real printing press and take them home with you. 

2. Take the secret passageway from BOZAR and end up in the underground Coudenberg Palace, where Charles V, the most powerful man in the world, once lived!

3. As you go round the exhibition on painter Bernard van Orley, guides are on hand to tell you all you need to know about kings and knights, battles and tapestries.

4. Help construct a gigantic tower of Babel, just like the one in Bruegel’s famous painting.

5. Use your very own home-made rumbling pot to make a right old racket, just like they did 400 years ago.

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