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When Art Deco meets Nordic design

From the 10th till the 20th of October, Victor Horta’s flagship of Art Deco will trade its usual flags for those of the Nordic Countries. The Nordic Festival will bring music, cinema, dance… and much more to the Centre for Fine Arts. Amidst the bustle of the festival, you may feel the urge to sit back and relax at the CPHAGEN ‘pop-up’ in the Horta Hall. Shop owner and native Dane living in Brussels, Thomas Petersen, tells us about the spirit of his Nordic concept store(s) in Ixelles and Saint-Gilles.

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The “I want to buy everything” experience

Thomas has been living in Brussels for 14 years now. He explains how the seeds were planted. “Every time I went back to Denmark, my suitcases were packed with the new stuff I bought back there. The effect you actually want to buy every single item from the shop, it’s a skill Nordic capitals like Copenhagen and Stockholm excel in. We don’t have this in Brussels – I thought to myself – and that’s why I created CPHAGEN.”

© Illias Teirlinck
© Illias Teirlinck

Hygge mania

CPHAGEN sells furniture, homeware, wellness products, organic food and accessories. Nordic design may seem like a contemporary hype – prone to slowly fading away again – but according to Thomas, it has been popular in Europe ever since the 1950s. Being strongly connected to the Nordic lifestyle and the region’s nature, the design reflects this cosy kind of living with its wooden, natural and light elements, or simply Hygge.

Affordable, yet sophisticated

The popularity of Scandinavian design results in an omnipresence of stores selling Nordic items, ranging from low-cost to high-end. CPHAGEN seeks to find a middle ground, being affordable, yet sophisticated.

Stop by and read, have a look at the northern lights, or simply enjoy this Nordic design that smoothly blends in with the art deco of BOZAR.

CPHAGEN’s pop-up is open during the Nordic Festival until the 20th of October, during the day and the festival’s evening activities.

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