New York City, 1978 © Alex Razbash

Robert Dewhurst

Poetry For Keith Haring

We asked fellow New Yorker Chris Kraus (Love Dick) to commission original pieces by 5 poets in response to the artist Keith Haring and his iconic work. You can read all 5 poems in the free visitor guide which you can pick up at our Keith Haring exhibition. Or read them right here...

Robert Dewhurst
He’s Gone

                                           Sonnet for Kevin Killian

Art is life. Life is art. The importance of both is over-exaggerated as well as misunderstood. —Keith Haring

Today we woke at sunrise, & walked to Kite Hill

Where Bruce said he’d slept with 4,000 men

Are you shocked? I pictured Keith Haring, Untitled,

1979, a field of floral-print penises, in those days

A poet, you said, would have named the plants

In trace I saw you as a bumblebee, pollinating

Everything, an orange sunshine sort of feeling,

Kevin we love you get up. I thought art was infinite,

Insatiable, “an eternal pasture,” like, you know,

“folded in all thought,” ocher handprints on rock,

Keith Haring selling T-shirts in a Dead lot, St. Paul,

May ’77, before you wanted to be a genius, & were

I’ll always hear your voice in this world of echo,

Your gossip in this garden of delights


Robert Dewhurst © Rights reserved
Robert Dewhurst © Rights reserved

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