New York City, 1978 © Alex Razbash

Faith Wilson

Poetry For Keith Haring

We asked fellow New Yorker Chris Kraus (Love Dick) to commission original pieces by 5 poets in response to the artist Keith Haring and his iconic work. You can read all 5 poems in the free visitor guide which you can pick up at our Keith Haring exhibition. Or read them right here...

Love song for Keith Haring and NYC
Faith Wilson

This is an ode to Keith Haring’s impression on the NYC street art and underground scene.

Kiss me full on the mouth in a New York City Subway. I’m
Early this time, want to catch the city before it wakes, wanna know it from the
Insides. Yeah, the subway is kinda like the city’s nervous system, keeping secrets, telling
Tales and we’re no different: two lovers trying to find a place to fuck without anyone seeing.
Here, love and death are just two words for the same thing.

Here, the trains are the bass and the streets sing, and the colours, and the pain
And the love. O, this isn’t just a corny ode to love or sex, it’s a corny ode to the streets
Realising that all the fucking beauty of this place was born from an
Interruption, transmogrified into some kind of cracked joy, a city that never sleeps cos
Night is the only time you get a sense of the real. You were more than just an artist,
God, you were its heart, for a time, now, locked into its eternal embrace.

Faith Wilson © Rights reserved
Faith Wilson © Rights reserved