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5 performances of the Yves Klein exhibition to (re)discover


During the exhibition Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void (2017), BOZAR has put on quite a show with performances by celebrated Belgian and international artists such as Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Jan Fabre, Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmus, Miet Warlop, Nick Steur, Andros Zins-Browne, Ian Whittlesea etc. Let’s look back at some of these highlights.

1. Pieter Van den Bosch - Paint Explosion 28.03.2017 

Pieter Van den Bosch was literally empowering the opening of the Yves Klein exhibition Theatre of the Void by installing a performance tailor-made to BOZAR. Just before you entered the exhibition, you witnessed an event. Using paint and explosives – recurring materials in Van den Bosch’s oeuvre – he compelled Klein’s heritage to become a contemporary modus operandi.

2. Miet Warlop - HORSE. A Man A Woman A Desire for Adventure (28.03.2017)

During the opening of Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void, Miet Warlop presented the performance HORSE. A Man A Woman A Desire for Adventure in which she galloped through the exhibition. Physical actions, sculptural props and scenic interventions that artfully cancelled each other out on stage. It turned them into a sculptural live event creating a temporary fantasy that began to crumble in the moment of its completion. With a woman, a carrot, a man, guitars and a harmonica.

Joppe Tanghe performer – Erik Nevin performer – Laura Vanborm performer – Dimitri Verberckt performer – Miet Warlop performer

3. Nick Steur – Drop Sculpture #01 (29.04.2017)

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Nick Steur makes installations and performances in which he activates natural elements such as stone, sand and gravity in an original and often poetic manner. In the Drop Sculptures series he gauges the power of water. Drops fall onto a white limestone base with precise regularity. Not only do they splash open into a series of minuscule ephemeral sculptures, the rest of the water also seeps through the base, causing it to slowly discolour and dissolve. 

In dialogue with the exhibition Yves Klein this series got people talking about colour, form, the transience of a body and the eternity of its intangible traces.

4. Andros Zins-Browne - Already Unmade (29.04.2017)

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In Already Unmade, choreographer and dancer Andros Zins-Browne revisits his personal history of choreography, altering it through its repetition, practicing a performance of 'unmaking' rather than restaging pre-existing dances. By reversing the order in which choreography is normally created, Already Unmade begins with finished, 'choreographic objects' and subjects them to an ensuing process where they begin to unravel.

5. Marvin Gaye Chetwynd - Insanity! (23.04.2017)

© Yannick Sas

During the Art Brussels fair of 2017 the celebrated British performance artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd took a closer look at the history and current state of yoga. In a tight top and trousers, she invited you to a fitness session entitled Insanity. With the aid of twenty yoga mats, a ghetto blaster and a microphone, she bombarded you with switch kicks, push-up jacks and power jumps. Between the exercises she made references to the work of Yves Klein and his special relationship with judo.

With thanks to: Catherine Wood - Senior Curator, International Art (Performance) -  Tate Modern

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