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BOZAR invites you to lean back on your couch at home and to use your imagination to travel through the world of cinema. We have selected some of the most interesting, touching or breathtaking films, documentaries, cinema podcasts or series, for you to discover at any hour of the day or night!

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero – Abbas Fahdel
It is hard to imagine that it would be possible to live a normal life in a country ruled by a bloodthirsty dictator and torn apart by one war after another. Filmmaker Abbas Fahdal, who lives in France, visited his family just before the outbreak of the Iraq War in 2003, and for a year-and-a-half, he filmed daily lives in Iraq: a summer outing on the river, cartoons on TV, bickering, birthday celebrations.

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero - Part 1 (Eng Sub)

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero - Part 2 (Eng Sub)

In 2016, we invited the director Abbas Fahdel to BOZAR. Now we want to pay tribute to this award-winning director with a reflection on the issue of the “point of view”: Who is narrating the story? Who is taking pictures? We see and hear Iraq through the eyes and voices of Iraqi people. How much does it change the perception of a story and that of a country? 

TOWER XYZ by Ayo Akingbade (UK, 2016, 3min)
Characters wander through London’s concrete jungle as the narrator reflects on the current state of the city and her imagined future. 

Tower XYZ is a short film directed by the British-Nigerian artist and filmmaker Ayo Akingbade. Last year, we screened it as part of Avant Noir # 1a concept series created by film curator Greg De Cuir Jr. This work gotAyo Akingbade a Special Mention Award at the prestigious International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. The vimeo channel of the artist gives you the opportunity to (re)discover this little treasure, as well as many other videos from her filmography.   

FLAVOURS OF IRAK created and written by Feurat Alani / directed by Léonard Cohen / France, Irak / 2019 / 20x 2min30) 
Le Parfum d’Irak is an elegant and poetic animated web series that weaves with great sensibility the links between the memories of its creator, Feurat Alani. Simultaneously this film is a testimony, a desperate quest for a lost country and a tale of transmission. The story is woven from Feurat's memories, is told through his family and his encounters, and at the same time traces the major events that have marked Iraq over the past 40 years. 

The series that won the Grand Prize at the Are You Web Fest, the web series competition organised by BOZAR as part of our Are You Series? festival dedicated to TV series.  

Five Belgian series available in full on Auvio
Between 14 April and 18 May you have one month to (re)discover French-language Belgian series on RTBF Auvio. Special favourites are La Trêve and Ennemi Public, two electrifying detective stories after which you will never look at the Ardennes in the same way again!   

These series were given a preview during Are You Series? when they gave rise to a joyous coming together of the BOZAR public and TV viewers. 

Neighbouring Sounds – Kleber Mendonça Filho 
This year we kicked of our BOZAR CINEMA season with the undervalued but in our opinion maybe best film of 2019: Bacurau by Kleber Mendonça Filho. This director strongly criticizes the political and economic problems in present-day Brazil throughout his work, albeit in very subtle ways. 

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Viennale Trailers of the past
With short works from many directors that came to BOZAR over the past decades (Lucrecia Martel (2019), Agnes Varda (2013), Jonas Mekas (2013), Apichatpong Weerasethakul (2011), Ken Jacobs

AI by Lucrecia Martel Argentina
Elvis (by Jonas Mekas)
Empire (by Apichatpong Weerasethakul)

In their perfectly suited to modern times length from around 1minute, these trailers give short glimpses into each of the filmmakers’ art. The 2001 Elvistrailer from Jonas Mekas is reminiscent of his own Notes on the Circus,the slumbering eeriness that is often felt in Martel’s films is also present in her trailer and the Weerasethakul short is rich in layers of sound and full of mystery. 

An Old Melody from Baluchistan – Maziar Moshtagh-Gohari
Gul Muhammad Baluchi is a folk singer and musician living in Balochistan in the south-eastern part of Iran. He dreams of forming a band to perform the traditional music of his region. This documentary follows him in his quest, taking us on a journey across the Balochistan region to meet its musicians, its everyday people, its culture and the traditions that Gul Muhammad tries to keep alive. 

An inspiring and captivating story that brings us world music from a country with a very rich film culture, and helps you forget the here and now for a little while.  

Free link available until 13.05.2020 

Divorce Iranian Style by Kim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-Hossein (1998, 80 minutes)  
Iranian women seeking divorce meet with strong opposition. Often, they stand by helplessly when their husbands are supported by the court and get custody of the children, even if they abuse them or attach little value to the education of their daughters. The women that Longinotto shows are anything but victims. With humour, flattery, tears, perseverance and an occasional little white lie, they try to achieve their goals – often with success.

During a masterclass she gave at BOZAR, this British filmmaker impressed the audience with her words and her tenacity.  Born in 1952, Kim Loginotto is a British director and cinematographer whose work merits attention. Films that benefit from multiple viewings. Her subject matter is the oppression and discrimination suffered by women. She has made about 20 films and received numerous awards.  

La Chana - Lucija Stojevic
With depth, humour and pathos, La Chana celebrates the charisma and flair of a self-taught Gypsy flamenco dancer who in the 1960s-80s rose to international stardom and then suddenly vanished from the public eye at the height of her career. Filled with footage of spectacular flamenco dance and music, this film brings us under the skin and into the irrepressible spirit of this eccentric woman with an uncanny gift for rhythm who, despite all odds, enjoys a comeback in her late sixties. 

A dynamic, captivating and colourful portrait of the great flamenco dancer La Chana. A successful documentary on flamenco, gypsies and La Chana in particular. A homage to a captivating dance and this surprising dancer.

Free link available until 03/07