Each year three important German film festivals are represented in Brussels: the Forum of the Berlinale, DOK Leipzig and the Duisburger Filmwoche. As part of the series of German Film Festivals on Tour, this year the Goethe-Institut Brüssel and BOZAR present two outstanding films from the programme of DOK Leipzig:  Space Dogs by Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter and Zustand und Gelände (Status and Terrain) by Ute Adamczweski.

On 15 June Space Dogs will be available as a stream. It documents street dogs in Moscow at night and deals with the history of the dog Laika and Soviet space travel. The day afyer, Zustand und Gelände (Status and terrain) will then take a look at the concentration camp system in Saxony during the first years of National Socialism.

The streamings will be followed by a digital Q&A with the directors and Ralph Eue, the head of programming at the DOK Leipzig.



SPACE DOGS by Elsa Kremser & Levin Peter | Trailer | GeoMovies

AT/D, 2019, 91 minutes, Russian
subtitles: English, German, French

Available for 24h - 15.06 – 19h > 16.06 – 19h
Watch Spacedogs here by using this code DOKLPZG2020 

The lead roles in the film Space Dogs are played by the street dogs of Moscow. The film skilfully combines images of the dogs as they roam and maraud through the sleeping city with the story of the dog Laika and space travel in the Soviet Union. Although it is generally known that Laika was the first living creature to be launched into space, it is less well known that she came from the streets of Moscow. She was captured by the Russian space organization for this mission because the toughness of the street dogs was thought to make them ideal for space travel.

Through the observation of Laika's successors, the film creates a magical decor of today's Moscow by night, in which people play no more than a secondary role, watched over by the spirit of the cosmic dog.

Elsa Kremser, born in 1985 in Wolfsberg, Austria, studied film at Vienna University. While at the Ludwigsburg film academy she made a number of documentaries, as author and producer, that have been shown all over the world. Levin Peter, born in 1985 in Jena, Germany, made several documentaries while studying at the Ludwigsburg film academy. Together they founded Raumzeitfilm Produktion in Vienna in 2016. They are currently directing their first feature film titled Der grüne Wellensittich.



"Status and Terrain / Zustand und Gelände" Official Trailer

2019, 119 minutes, German, subtitles: F; EN

Available for 24h - 16.06 – 19h > 17.06 – 19h
Watch Zustand und Gelände here by using this code DOKLPZG2020 

What traces has the history of fascist atrocities left on the present landscape of Saxony? In the early 1930s, Saxony was regarded as a stronghold of the workers' movement. When power fell to the Nazis, even in smaller towns they soon set up improvised concentration camps for political opponents, often in sports stadiums, former schools or other municipal buildings. Archive material gives an idea of just how much these concentration camps were part of the day-to-day lives of people at the time. Owners of small businesses, for example, speak of how they did business with the Nazis as suppliers to the concentration camps. At the visual level, the film shows in sober images what has become of these places today. In one village, for example, there is a plaque bearing the inscription: “Den Opfern: 30.01.33 – 09.11.89” (In memory of the victims: 30-1-33 – 9-11-89). The film also shows how commemorations remain politically controversial.

Zustand und Gelände won de Goldene Taube in the German competition of DOK Leipzig 2019.

Ute Adamczewski works as a video artist and film-maker in Berlin. Her video installations have been exhibited at the Venice architecture biennale, the Shanghai art biennale and at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Zustand und Gelände is her first documentary.

Coproduction : Goethe Institut (Brussel)

The “German Film Festivals on tour” series is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Brussels and BOZAR Cinéma. In collaboration with Le P'tit Ciné - Regards sur les Docs


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