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Aleksi - Barbara Vekarić

Croatian cinema has witnessed the rise of a new generation of filmmakers who are not afraid to wander off the beaten paths and go beyond the picturesque tourist vistas and Game of Thrones locations. Although they were all born in the 1980s, these filmmakers vary wildly when it comes to style and sensibility – from confrontational to audience friendly; from non-fiction through fantasy. They each engage with local cinematic genres (e.g. Mediterranean comedies, coming of age stories) which they update from fresh, contemporary perspectives, proving that Croatia is not only “a small country for a great holiday”, but also a small country with great cinema.

ALEKSI (2018.) - official trailer

Unable to find a job after finishing her studies, 28-year-old Aleksi is stuck living with her parents. Desperate to escape the safe but boring bourgeois life her family has in sights for her, she evades her responsibilities and engages in affairs with several men.
Filmed at the picturesque wine roads of the Pelješac penninsula, Barbara Vekarić's debut feature is a late blooming story that offers a critical view on the generation born after the 1990s, as well as a fresh take on the Mediterranean comedy tropes.

Barbara Vekarić (Dubrovnik, 1987) wrote and directed a dozen short films, including First Lady of Dubrava (2011), which was screened at more than 50 international film festivals and won 7 awards. Barbara also directs commercials and music videos. Aleksi is her debut feature.

Watch Aleksi here by using the code ALEK2020
The film is available from 25 June (7pm) until 28 June (7pm) 2020. 

This online screening organised as part of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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