Who am I?


Get to know this fun, educational family game! Using clues that stimulate their imagination and curiosity, children will go in search of iconic characters who followed a special trail.

They may be sportsmen and women, politicians, artists, etc. All of them are striking individuals who – thanks to their achievements – have made our society a little warmer and more humane. This game breaks stereotypes and brings cultural diversity to the attention in a playful way. It is offered in collaboration with Belgian Moyaïk. For young and old!

Belgïk Mojaïk is a Brussels association which, through the educational tools and actions it creates, uses cultural anthropology and art history to promote social cohesion, citizenship education and equal opportunities. 

A production of Belgïk Mojaïk in collaboration with BOZAR. Within the framework of the FORUM Programme, a collaboration between the AfricaMuseum and BOZAR, financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

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