4 Pianos 4 Beethoven

The main attraction of the exhibition Hotel Beethoven was the ballroom with four reconstructions of pianos on which the German master once improvised and composed. Several melodies of Beethoven's piano music sounded from the pianos, to which Jorinde Voight coupled poetic transcriptions.

Due to the fire in the Centre for Fine Arts, the exhibition unfortunately had to be dismantled sooner. But we made a short film in which Maene's reconstructions and Voight's drawings are immortalized.

4 Pianos 4 Beethoven | BOZAR

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    Listen to Beethoven’s music as it would have sounded in its day! The Beethoven Pianoforte Sessions, part of the HOTEL BEETHOVEN exhibition, offer the audience the subtle sounds of the fortepiano, the ancestor to the modern piano.

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