Bruselas Flamenco Festival 2021

Online event

Every year the Bruselas Flamenco Festival highlights the most important form of artistic expression in Spanish culture. Today, flamenco continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Not surprisingly, as this Spanish dance is so much more than movement, guitar and song. With the film Se prohíbe el cante of Felix Vazquez and Paco Ortiz, a dance workshop hosted by Sofia Yero and music by Esteban Murillo, Antonio Paz and Karim Baggili, this year's festival is going digital for the first time.

Discover all the productions of the festival here. We will put everything online from 26 March so that you can decide when you want to see a touch of flamenco.

From 26.03.2021 - 9:00
Antonio Paz: Vivencias

From 26.03.2021 - 9:00
Esteban Murillo: Mi Verdad Flamenca

From 26.03.2021 - 9:00
Karim Baggili

From 26.03.2021
Sofia Yero - workshop

Se Prohibe El Cante - Felix Vazquez, Paco Ortiz

  • Watch the free online screening here.
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  • The film will be available from 09:00 > 00:00

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