Laurie Charles The anger of the intestine 2017

Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet

A talk about climate and feminism

On 8 March, BOZAR, Oxfam België/Belgique and Le Monde Selon les Femmes gathered a panel of empowered women to celebrate International Women’s Day with a Climate Talk on ecofeminism, addressing the parallels between the oppression of nature and the oppression of women. (Re)watch the talk here. 

Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet | Talk | BOZAR

Climate change worsens inequality worldwide and this affects women and girls disproportionately. When we talk about the impact of climate change on women, we want to do more than ask for their testimonies of victimhood. From activists in the Amazonia and on the streets of Brussels, to artists creating new utopias or exposing patriarchal worldviews, in the fight for climate justice, women are also agents of change.

The discussion gathered Laurie Charles (artist), Margot Lauwers (researcher), Jehanne Bergé (journalist for Les Grenades RTBF) and Agnès Bertrand-Sanz (Le Monde Selon les Femmes) around the table. They were virtually joined by Gabriela Franco Prieto (activist, founder of the digital project @la.totuma on Instagram) and Valiana Aguilar Hernandez (the Suumil collective). They reflected on the domination of patriarchal structures and their impact on climate change, women and art.

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