In conversation with Milo Rau

The New Gospel

Milo Rau’s latest work The New Gospel is to premiere at BOZAR on 30 March. As is often the case with this Swiss director, the film does not seek solely to portray the world but also to change it.  The screening will be followed by a conversation between Milo Rau and Nicky Aerts. Watch it here.

The conversation is in English.

Milo Rau is a Swiss film director and artistic director of the Belgian city theatre NTGent. He is a familiar guest at the Centre for Fine Arts - in 2018, he was at BOZAR to present The Congo Tribunal, his film about the civil war in the Congo. A year later he returned with Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab) and others to talk about the future of Europe.

You can watch The New Gospel here with French or Dutch subtitles, for 8 euros.  

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