Everything Passes Except The Past

A conversation about colonial heritage

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Brussels, BOZAR presented the project and book publication Everything Passes Except The Past. It examined how colonial legacies are identified, researched, and addressed by artists, museum experts, scientists, and activists in ethnographic collections, colonial image archives and public space.

The conversation tackled questions like: How could the process of decolonization be expanded and put to good use by institutions? How do artistic practices face the history of colonial violence, as epitomized in the image collections and displays of ethnographic museums? What can artists, researchers, and activists from the Global South contribute to this difficult process? (Re)watch the entire conversation here.

Book presentation : Everything passes except the past (with Goethe Institut) | BOZAR

A conversation between Bianca Baldi, Clémentine Deliss, Jana J. Haeckel, Duane Jethro, Yaa Addae Nantwi and Grace Ndiritu, moderated by Ayoko Mensah.