In the period 2018-2020 the Centre for Fine Arts is introducing a city-wide project based around the work of a few Flemish Masters (including Theodoor van Loon, Bernard van Orley and the Flemish Primitives.

They lived and worked in Brussels and their art was firmly rooted in the political and religious reality of their day.

These exhibitions bring the visitor into contact with the oeuvre of a few less familiar artists whose work is well worth rediscovering. At the same time we look back over 300 years, during which the current visual culture came into being and gained ground. These images were also contested, their status called into question. The Iconoclastic Fury of 1566 wanted to bring an end to idolatry. Parallel to the main exhibitions BOZAR will further examine the power of the image, how it can come into being and be destroyed – even in this day and age.

For this project BOZAR LAB is launching a first open call to innovative firms, start-ups, artists and researchers. It challenges them to join BOZAR staff in thinking about how new technologies can strengthen the experience of these exhibitions. This must result in concrete applications. Everyone with a first innovative idea can apply!

Extension of the open call: Deadline 22 December 2017

With the support of: Fonds Baillet Latour & The A.G. Leventis Foundation.

  • “Endless”. Vlad Nanca. 2017. Courtesy of the Artist

    Open call: Artists exchange (Romania-Belgium)

    Are you a Belgium-based artist interested in joining an inspiring trip to Romania and meet other European artists? BOZAR is looking for emerging artists to join an exchange programme taking place in March in Romania. This call for participation is open till 1 February 2019.

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  • Beyond Klimt was a smash

    The exhibition Beyond Klimt closed its doors on Sunday with over 100,000 visitors on the clock. This makes the exhibition one of the top three most visited BOZAR exhibitions of the past ten years.

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  • © Caroline Lessire

    Design the campaign image of Next Generation, Please!, an exhibition by and for young people at BOZAR

    Surprise us with an inspiring image that catches the eye, and reflects a rebellious, engaged youthful nature. The first 10 selected projects will be part of an exhibition at BOZAR, among other prices to take away. You(th) can do it!

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