As part of its ongoing evolution as a European house of Culture, the Centre for Fine Arts wishes to give artists, the public and valued partners a dynamic, inclusive and interdisciplinary space for reflection in the capital of Europe.

Here in Salon Europa, democratic values are holistically defined through debate and artistic projects. The European ethos will continue to be forged in this laboratory for active citizenship, where everyone can share stories and contribute their ideas.

The creation, presentation and confrontation of artistic projects promote this dynamic.

They illustrate the complexity of the European project and the many societal challenges it faces. They also highlight the ways in which art can promote civic engagement and contribute to a better understanding of the world in which we live.

Salon Europa is a new tool, a public place, which enables European participatory democracy to flourish. It is a culture-focused social space.

The Evens Foundation, established in 1990, encourages people to live together harmoniously in Europe.

Its founders were passionate about the idea of contributing to a Europe that is united around a shared project and which is respectful of the differences and ambitions of all its citizens. They wanted to create a space that encourages reflection and initiatives on a variety of topics, ranging from peace education, quality information to the norms and values that are inherently part of European ethics.

The Evens Foundation thus aspires to bring about a harmonious European reality, which is future-focused and capable of anticipating the moral, intellectual and cultural challenges encapsulated in the European idea.

The presentation of projects in Salon Europa contributes to the consolidation and strengthening of the European project.

To this end, the former Stained Glass Hall, recently restored in accordance with the original Victor Horta design, will be used as an exhibition and a learningspace.


Supported by Evens Foundation

  • Due to an exceptional state visit, the BOZAR exhibitions are closed all day on Tuesday, November 20

    We thank you for your understanding. The concert of Cecilia Bartoli, the theater performance at noon and the masterclass in the Ravenstein Gallery continue as planned, but we advise you to come a little earlier because of the extra security measures.

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  • Afrofeminism & digital arts, as if you were there!

    If you weren’t lucky enough to get hold of tickets for this event, you can still watch the broadcast of the discussion on digital artistic expression and cultures that young female creators and activists develop throughout Africa.

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