BOZAR joins and supports European cultural organisations and foundations’ call to continue collaborations with the UK. 

Collaborations in Europe have been through turbulent times before; Europe has overcome many severe crises and has bridged deep divisions in the past. And today, now that United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union has become a reality, we, foundations & cultural institutions working in Europe and all of us Europeans, will respond with deepening our ties. 

Brexit is a symptom and not a cause, and reveals social and cultural fault lines in British society. Moreover, ‘Brexit’ is a Europe-wide, even global phenomenon in it representing growing gaps between communities, between citizens and their political representatives, and between political ideas. We consider Brexit an igniting moment in time that creates a new positive sense of urgency and a renewed commitment to building and strengthening shared European cultural spaces, which the UK has always been and will be part of.

Therefore, we will continue dedicating, and where possible, intensify our activities and funding to enable communities and individuals across Europe co-shape their dreams, their futures, our common cultural space, with creativity and in cooperation. We will look into developing new initiatives and programmes that will help maintaining and regenerating institution-to-institution, network-to-network, but most importantly people-to-people contacts. With this we will engage as many people from different walks of life and divergent opinions as possible.[…]

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    2020 will be Ludwig’s year. The world will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, and his native city of Bonn started early with the unveiling of a major exhibition about the composer on 17 December.

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    Our country has lost a visionary artist with the passing of Johan van Geluwe.

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  • International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust

    On the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, BOZAR would like to emphasise that the world of culture, as a place to debate and to rally together, plays an important part in constructing a society where peace and dialogue are upheld as unassailable values. This day is an emphatic reminder for BOZAR of our shared responsibility as artists, politicians, and citizens in building a tolerant and fair world, an unbreachable defence against any form of barbarity.

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