Since its inauguration on October 19th 1929, the Henry Le Boeuf Hall has hosted the greatest musicians of the 20th century: Mengelberg, Horowitz, Rachmaninov, Walter, Menuhin, Stokowski, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, and many others. 

Regarded as one of the five best concert halls in the world for its acoustic qualities, it was completely renovated in 2000. It has 2,100 seats on four levels, which allow every member of the audience to see and hear perfectly. 

Up to 200 artists can perform on its platform, which can be transformed, utilising special equipment, into a stage for theatre or ballet productions; a mobile proscenium can be used to extend it. 

Although its primary function is as a concert hall, the Henry Le Boeuf Hall is in fact multi-purpose and is suitable for all sorts of large-scale and prestigious events.