A worldwide health emergency, a sector in crisis, a building on fire.
Let’s just be brutally honest here: it has been a lot.

Your generous financial support and overwhelming messages of sympathy have been amazing. We are deeply grateful and want to thank everyone who joined #TogetherBOZAR and strengthened the wide BOZAR community, especially in these recent difficult times. 

After the catastrophic January fire that destroyed an exhibition circuit and damaged our iconic concert hall and organ, we promised that we would remain open. And we did. We promised we would rebuild and restore our architectural treasure. And that is exactly what we are doing. But we cannot let it stand empty.

The heavy financial pressures, as a result of both the pandemic and the fire, pose a severe threat to our artistic programme and ambitions. Your donation will help us carry on organising wide-ranging artistic projects that challenge, thrill, comfort and explore. And fully pursue our mission as an essential multidisciplinary cultural hub for each and every one of you. So thank you!


How can I make a donation?

I make a donation using the online donation form.


I have bought a ticket for a cancelled event or I have BOZAR credit and wish to donate the amount to BOZAR.

You can:

  • Send a mail to tickets@bozar.be, stating ‘togetherBOZAR’, your first name and your family name, and the amount of your donation.
  • Contact BOZAR Tickets via phone (02 507 82 00 Tue-Fri between 10:00-17:00).
  • Note: if your credit is below 40 euros, you can add an additional donation to your credit to benefit fiscally.


I buy a ticket for a BOZAR event and add an extra amount as a donation.


I sign up for one of the free online events of BOZAR via FB, Youtube, Zoom, … and wish to make a contribution.

Fill out the online donation form.


I transfer the amount of my choice to the account:
BE66 2100 0848 6643 with reference ‘TogetherBOZAR’.


I wish to set up a personal donor journey in my own name of my company’s name.

Please get in touch with togetherbozar@bozar.be    


I set up my own fundraising campaign to support #TogetherBOZAR and mobilise your acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family.

CONTACT: tickets@bozar.be

Any questions? Our FAQs will give you the answers regarding the donation campaign