You are our Future!

How to ensure the comprehensive cultural project of the Centre for Fine Arts?
From now on, you too can support us by making a contribution by means of a donation or planned giving initiative.

Join the gallery of patrons (starting with Henry Le Boeuf), who over generations, have imagined and helped in the exceptional growth of the Centre for Fine Arts. Their support has contributed to the Centre’s incomparable national and international acclaim, making it the largest arts center (by number of visitors) in the capital of Europe.

If it remains that way for the next generations, it will be mainly thanks to your support.
A “double” legacy is undoubtedly the perfect way of committing yourself. You durably support the activities of the Centre for Fine Arts and at the same time exempt your heirs of heritage taxes.

You receive a fiscal certificate for donations of 40 Euro or more. Besides, all donators  and testators will be noted in a special publication. You can determine the destination of your gift yourself  where it is most needed:  the art deco building of Victor Horta, the artistic activities or the educational projects. In this way, you too create the history of our future. 

Connecting generations is what counts and therefore we are at your entire disposal to discuss the different possibilities. Don’t wait to ask for more information or contact us for an appointment.

You can also directly make a donation to the bank account, number BE26 6790 0011 9329 (mentioning “donation” followed by the destination of your choice). Donations of 40 Euro or more, receive a fiscal certificate.

We sincerely thank you for your contribution!

Muriel Vanderick

BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
23 Ravensteinstraat, 1000 Brussels