The Art at Work pavilion opened on January 25, 2012 in the headquarters of the African Union, in Addis Ababa, on the occasion of the AU annual summit. The pavilion was inaugurated by African Union president Jean Ping and visited by hundreds of diplomats.
For this edition, BOZAR partnered with Léo Lefort, curator of the Atelier in Addis Ababa, for the presentation of ‘Face2Face’, a showcase of Ethiopian contemporary artists, which was shown in parallel in a downtown gallery in Addis Ababa. At the end of the run, the pavilion was donated to the Netsa Art Village for future artistic presentations. Netsa Art Village is a professional organization established in 2008 by 18 members including poets, witers and photographers. Its vision is to bring Ethiopian artists together to create a living museum of contemporary art.

Participating artists: Tewodros Hagos, Tamrat Gezahagne, Mulugeta Tafesse, Mulugeta Gebrekidan, Michael Tsegaye, Ermias Kifleyesus, Behailu Bezabih.

Face2 Face: ‘Engaging in the contrapuntal phenomenon of vacuity, FACE2FACE has been conceived as an open multilayered dialogue between audiences, artists, institutions, action and momentum. Upon the invitation to 'invade' the ruin/pavilion and its itinerant laboratory, conceived by visionary architect David Adjaye and independent curator Simon Njami, this exhibition participates supremely to the incremental platform, by opening a space for seven Ethiopian contemporary artists. Based in Addis or working in Belgium, their works meet in this informal space and collide, offering visual responses in their own singular manner to the 'absolute question'. Under the cosmopolitan current trends and the confusing zones of tensions impacting both the real world and its virtual extensions, it felt important to them to seize hold of this room as an ultimate attempt to face the audience with images that matters. The Trojan horse under consideration is emblematic as well as symbolic, allowing the artists to ostensibly perform some innocuous functions in the compound of the new gem of Alem Bekagne: the monumental head office of the African Union. May this needle inserted into the restless body of The Capital of Africa, be a means of continuing the discussion and debates on eachotherness, but also be a useful pedagogical tool and reference on a complex, yet vibrant
Scene.’ Léo Lefort, 2012.

Jean Ping, Président de l’Union Africaine: « L’Afrique, berceau de l’humanité, creuset de la civilisation et de la sagesse universelle, ce que nous appellerons la primogéniture culturelle , lutte afin de revitaliser ses valeurs communes, son identité et ses richesses culturelles et d’encourager les populations ainsi que leurs dirigeants à s’engager pour la bonne gouvernance, le patriotisme, la justice sociale et le progrès.» ……….« L’originalité du concept de cette exposition itinérante réside dans sa vocation à s’adresser aux masses, au peuple. Elle s’inscrit dans une réflexion sur les stratégies qui mettent l’art à la portée de tous. Le but est d’aller vers les populations pour leur rendre l’art accessible, en dehors des sphères de consécration traditionnelles comme les musées et les biennales, vases clos habituellement réservés à une certaine élite socioculturelle locale. Ce faisant, Visionary Africa tente aussi de s’adapter à la fois aux diverses réalités urbaines des villes qui jalonnent son itinéraire qu’aux réactions suscitées par la transformation temporaire du paysage de ses escales. »