The Art at Work pavilion opened on February 15, 2012 in the Al Azhar Park in Cairo. It was visited by close to 10,000 people. The pavilion was inaugurated by the Governor of Cairo. For this edition, BOZAR partnered with Moataz Nasr, director of DARB 1718 in Cairo, for the presentation of ‘Revolution at Work’, a showcase of Egyptian young emerging contemporary artists young and how they reflect on the Revolution and its aftermath. At the end of the run, he pavilion was donated to DARB 1718 for further contemporary art initiatives in Cairo, including at the Art is a Square monthly festival in Abdeen suare, and in southern Egypt.
Participating artists: Mohamed Monaiseer (Objects and installation),Mariam Faryed (performance), Aly Abd Elmohsen (Drawing), Mina Nasr (Drawing installation),May El Hossamy (Photography), Nahla Sebaai (Painting), Sahar El Amir (Painting), Hany Rashed (Drawing