Ton Kas text – Willem de Wolf text – with :Youri DirkxEno KrojankerHervé PironPeter VandenbemptMarie Szersnovicz set design – Pierre Sartenaer outside-eye

Four friends, Marc, Bruno, Michel and Eddy get together each week to discuss life: world affairs, women and work. They talk, exchange opinions, speak of their dreams, their joys and sorrows, but they never truly manage to get a grasp on their existence, which seems to be constantly slipping through their fingers. Directed by the renowned Ton Kas and Willem de Wolf, the play moves between derision and the absurd, between the comic and the scathing. Tone and effects are constantly changing throughout the piece, as though to further highlight how powerless the four protagonists are when it comes to achieving their goals. The work, by Dutch-speaking company Tristero, and French-speaking company Enervé, is being performed in French for the very first time. ​​​​​​