BOZAR has invited the American writer Chris Kraus to be curator of a literary visitors' guide on Keith Haring. Although their work is very different, they were both part of the New York underground scene in the 1980s. In connection with the exhibition on Keith Haring, Kraus has invited five young poets to get inspired by the artist's art and ideas. You can read the result in the free visitors' guide available at the exhibition.

With Ruby Brunton, Robert Dewhurst, Cecila Pavon, Faith Wilson & Steven Zultanski

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    The visual legacy of American artist Keith Haring mirrors the zeitgeist of a decade and that of a continent. His cartoon-like characters, vivid colours and barking dogs became world famous, but there is more than meets the eye. He satirised national and international politics, he enlivened the eighties party scene and he carried the national – and a personal – fight against AIDS, which he ultimately lost in 1990. BOZAR looks back on the eventful life and work of the American legend in a major retrospective. Here's a sneak peek in five facts.  

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  • Keith Haring The Activist

    Keith Haring was an artist who took to the streets. He handed out pamphlets, put up posters, drew in subways and painted on walls in an optimistic battle against those in power. He invested the same unbridled energy in his political and social activism as he did in his art. Quite the ride from paperboy in conservative Kutztown to celebrated artist-activist in NYC.

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