Brussels Philharmonic orchestra – Ilan Volkov conductor – Vlaams Radio Koor


Rothko Chapel Morton Feldman
Streaming Arhythmia Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Chahut (World Premiere - commissioned by Ars Musica) Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber

This new edition of Ars Musica opens with a meditative concert around the perception of time. Streaming Arhythmia, by Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir, goes so far as to provoke in the listener a sense of temporal disorientation. The second piece, Chahut, was commissioned by Ars Musica from Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, a Franco-Swiss composer, whose music is characterised by its scaled-down sound, with a predilection for transparent and chiselled textures. This opening concert ends with the unique vision of Morton Feldman, as expressed in one of his most illuminating works, Rothko Chapel. Its hieratic and meditative aspect is based on a certain expansion of time, an impression of immobility, which draws the listener into a spectral halo.