with :Reinhilde DecleirJanine BischopsBob De MoorMark VerstraeteKristin ArrasKris SmetPeter Vandenbempt concept, Text

Who would you like to get between the sheets with? And then what would you talk about?

For this ‘remake’ of a 2005 play the Brussels theatre company Tristero has brought together a seasoned cast of top actors. They squeeze together in a large bed to talk politics, love and life. With an acute sense for humour they sound each other out, lie there listening and toss and turn and ultimately lay themselves bare.

Iemand van ons is a performance of big and small statements: clichés, declarations and secrets come fast and furious. The actors provide – disarmingly and mischievously –an unexpected insight into their thoughts and their private lives. From this verbal flow of the banal and the interesting, the penetrating and the vague, humankind emerges: vulnerable or strong, alone or together, simultaneously honest and false.