SONICOLysandre Donoso bandoneon – Stephen Meyer violin – Daniel Hurtado Jimenez violin – Oscar Quiñones viola – Guillaume Lagravière cello – Ariel Eberstein double-bass – Ivo De Greef piano – Gaetan Lamela glockenspiel

Nonino (arr. Eduardo Rovira) Astor Piazzolla
Tango del Angel (arr. Eduardo Rovira) Astor Piazzolla
Melancólico Buenos Aires (arr. Eduardo Rovira) Astor Piazzolla
Sinfonia Eduardo Rovira
Monroe 3307 Eduardo Rovira


SONICOLysandre Donoso bandoneon – Carmela Delgado bandoneon – Stephen Meyer violin – Daniel Hurtado Jimenez violin – Guillaume Lagravière cello – Camilo Córdoba guitar – Ariel Eberstein double-bass – Ivo De Greef piano

Los mareados Juan Carlos Cobián
Taconeando (arr. Astor Piazzolla) Julián Plaza
El entrerriano (arr. Astor Piazzolla) Rozendo Mendizabal
Marron y Azul Astor Piazzolla
A Fuego Lento (arr. Astor Piazzolla) Horacio Salgán

Orquesta Tanguedia

Orquesta TanguediaGwen Cresens bandoneon – Wietse Beels violin – Ben Faes double-bass – Bruno De Groote electric guitar – Alano Gruarin piano

Concierto para quinteto Astor Piazzolla
Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas Astor Piazzolla
Decarissimo Astor Piazzolla
Escualo Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla, the grandmaster of the tango, was born exactly a century ago. Using elements of classical music, Argentine folk music, the jazz, pop and rock scenes, he revolutionised the traditional tango in the 1950s. His passionate, erotic and dramatic music also demonstrates an unprecedented compositional ability.  
On the occasion of Astor Piazzolla’s hundredth birthday, the renowned Brussels tango ensemble SONICO previews its latest album at Klarafestival. Piazzolla – Rovira: The Edge of Tango reconstructs the music of the first avant-garde tango group: Astor Piazzolla’s mythical Octeto Buenos Aires. As the tango nuevo was not a revolution of one, SONICO also performs music by the  Argentine composer Eduardo Rovira and his Octeto La Plata
Next, the Belgian accordion and bandoneon player and composer Gwen Cresens performs some Astor Piazzolla classics with his own Orquesta Tanguedia. The programme includes Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas: four tango compositions inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

Did you know?

  • Father of the modern tango

    100 years of Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

    Together with Pablo Neruda, Isabel Allende and Gabriel García Márquez, Astor Piazzolla is one of South America’s most significant cultural figures. He breathed new life into the tango and elevated it to an art form. Adiós Nonino, Oblivion and Libertango are now classics. 2021 marks the hundredth anniversary of his birth. 

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  • All is not lost!


    In an age when quality recordings from the classical repertoire are just a click away, Klarafestival 2021 will be focusing on undiscovered work, new creations and symbioses of sound and image. With the title Es ist noch nicht alles verloren! we want to send a message of hope and comfort into the world. 

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