Ruben Machtelinckx banjo – Frederik Leroux banjo – Niels Van Heertum euphonium, trumpet – Stijn Demeulenaere sound

Ruben Machtelinckx is without doubt one of the most interesting musicians in a new Belgian generation. His marriage of startling lyrics with contemporary sound is unparalleled. All of which has

brought growing international recognition. He and Frederik Leroux have formed the duo Poor Isa. Their banjo and woodblocks produce a groove that gives silence and sound in equal measure. Their collaboration yielded the project Let’s Drink the Sea and Dance, a collection of nine compositions released in the summer of 2019 on Aspen Edities. Specially for this evening they add a euphonium to the sound palette, played by Niels Van Heertum, another fantastic talent, with Stijn Demeulenaere providing the sound art.