What has the COVID-19 crisis revealed to us that we didn’t know already – increasingly fragile ecosystems, social inequalities, vulnerable public health systems, gender inequalities, weakened education systems, the new security imperative and the undermining of public freedoms? Brussels Academy, BOZAR AGORA and Fox in the City present a special evening of debate, where experts and researchers will discuss the global health crisis and its consequences in Brussels. What are the social, environmental, cultural and economic opportunities that we, the citizens, politicians, activists, academics, artists etc., can seize to help us build collectively the world of tomorrow?


With: Dr. Sarah De Boeck (Perspective Brussels), Pr. Eric Corijn (VUB), Pr. Lieven De Cauter (KUL), Pr. Olivier De Schutter (UCL), Dr. Fatima Zibouh (Aula Magna) & Olivia Venet (president of Ligue des droits humains).​​​​​​​