Yuri Venturín double-bass, conductor – "El Ministro" bandoneon – Adrián Ruggiero bandoneon – Juan Manuel Barrios bandoneon – Patricio Vázquez bandoneon – Santiago Bottiroli piano – Natalia Lagos vocals – Alex Musatov violin – Juan David Villegas Restrepo violin – Julia Testa violin – Martín Elter violin – Alfredo Zuccarelli cello – Andrés Hojman viola

This event can not take place due to the restrictions regarding COVID-19. BOZAR is trying to find a new date for the event in mutual agreement with our partners. If you have already purchased a ticket for the event, you can find all necessary information here.

Bringing together 12 musicians and a singer, this orchestra has revolutionised the tango scene with its violent tones and spectacular performances. Opening up to rock and jazz, they have played with several artists including The Cure, Rufus Wainright, Lou Reed and Björk. Embodying the complex-free tango of the 21st century, which is neither afraid of mixing with other musical styles, nor of straying from the beaten path. the Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro never stops revolutionising the customs of the genre, in a Buenos Aires charmed by so much audacity and energy. It is a tango that has never been so alive!