Patricia Guerrero dance – Dani de Morón flamenco guitar – Jose Manuel Posada Oviedo double-bass, bass – Agustin Diassera percussion – Sergio “El Colorao” flamenco song – Alicia Naranjo vocals, actress – Ángel Fariña dance – Rodrigo García Castillo actor, dance

Patricia Guerrero, one of the most talented and original dancers of her generation, is currently the biggest flamenco star in the making. In Distopía, a story about female power and vulnerability in a society which deems itself to be perfect, Patricia Guerrero acts and dances emotions between dream and reality, truth and insanity in a pulsating flamenco soundscape. The story imagined by the Granadan dance artist moves through an imaginarium of intertwining sound and movement, becoming a game of impulses that follows a woman in a seemingly pleasant society that, at its core, imprisons her and strips her of her own being, almost her own body, transforming her into a kind of automaton with pre-set movements.