‘Patricia Guerrero : DISTOPÍA’

6 Mar.'20
- 20:30

Patricia Guerrero, one of the most talented and original dancers of her generation, is currently the biggest flamenco star in the making. In Distopía, a story about female power and vulnerability in a society which deems itself to be perfect, Patricia Guerrero acts and dances emotions between dream and reality, truth and insanity in a pulsating flamenco soundscape. The story imagined by the Granadan dance artist moves through an imaginarium of intertwining sound and movement, becoming a game of impulses that follows a woman in a seemingly pleasant society that, at its core, imprisons her and strips her of her own being, almost her own body, transforming her into a kind of automaton with pre-set movements.

Patricia Guerrero
Ángel Fariña
Rodrigo García Castillo


Dani de Morón

flamenco guitar

Jose Manuel Posada Oviedo


Jose Manuel Posada Oviedo


Agustin Diassera


Sergio “El Colorao”

flamenco song

Alicia Naranjo


Alicia Naranjo


Rodrigo García Castillo


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Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS