Pierre Van Maldere – Sinfonia in D Major (op. 5)
Joseph Haydn – Die Schöpfung (The Creation)

Brussels Choral Society
Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra

Julie Gebhart – soprano
Pierre Derhet – tenor
Ivan Thirion – baritone

Conductor: David Navarro Turres 

Our concert reveals an elegant link between Brussels and Vienna by featuring music by two influential masters of 18th century European music.

We begin with the Allegro and Andante movements from the Sinfonia in D major by the lesser-known Brussels composer Pieter Van Maldere (1729-1768), whose works were known and appreciated by his celebrated Viennese contemporary, Joseph Haydn (1732-1809).

With Die Schöpfung, Haydn embarked on a large-scale composition that enjoyed immediate success in Vienna, followed by accolades for performances throughout Europe in less than a year. 

Through the close relationship developed over several years between the Brussels Choral Society and the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, inspired once again by conductor David Navarro Turres, the colour, sounds, finesse and elegance of the Viennese master’s musical palette will be brought to life.