‘Asif Ali Khan’

23 Jan.'15
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Qawwali from Pakistan

After the death of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in 1997 we had to wait quite some time before a worthy successor emerged who could continue the tradition of the Pakistani qawwali. Ultimately it was his best pupil, Asif Ali Khan who rose to the challenge. He has since gone on to become the prince of the qawwali, a music style that is based on Persian Sufi poetry. Asif Ali Khan improvises the most elegant melodies on stages all over the world, accompanied by a harmonium, a tabla and hand-clapping, after which his choir of nine singers replies to him.
Asif Ali Khan


Raza Hussein


Sarfraz Hussein


Khawar Ali


Asif Ali Khan
Asif Ali Khan
Asif Ali Khan
Asif Ali Khan

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