‘Family Day IncarNations’

6 Oct.'19
- 10:00

Expo & workshops

Take a look at African art through African eyes. From the oldest sculptures to the hottest new artists. Amazing stories told by enthusiastic guides and hands-on workshops fill a packed day for children and their families. 



Follow the guides as they bring the rooms of the museum to life or take the family to any of the four following workshops.

10.00 > 13.00 - 14.00 > 17.00

Guides in the exhibition IncarNations.

10.00 > 17.00

Workshops in the Horta Hall.

  • Join dancers from the Impulsion dance school to learn different styles of African contemporary dance that blend tradition and urban culture.

    13.00 > 13.30: African dance​​​​​​​
    14.30 > 15.00: Afro Vibes
    16.00 > 16.30: Dancehall (Afro-Caribbean)

  • Take part in a great board game for young and old organised by the Belgïk Mojaïk team, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange in the creative process and in the development of critical creativity.
  • Artist Albertine Libert will show you how she brings to life the masks you will design.
  • The Jouwaii association’s collection of traditional African games promises to be a fun way to discover different types of recreation in 5 African countries.

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts


  • English French Dutch

Info: +32 (0)2 507 82 00

Price: € 6 (single price for kids or adults)