‘Mars om de macht (te verspelen)’

15 Oct.'19
- 12:40

Jan Decleir & I SOLISTI

As a modern-day rabble-rouser, Jan Decleir declares a new political era. He brings to a close Mars om de macht (te verspelen), a satirical triptych of film, music and theatre. With live music by I SOLISTI, the controversial Russian director Eisenstein opens with the film Glumov’s Diary (1923), a parodic critique of the hypocrisy of the Russian aristocracy. We linger in 1923 for Octet for Wind Instruments by that other Russian master, Igor Stravinsky. While Eisenstein was sharply critical of the Russian regime, in contrast to the composer he remained in Russia. Stravinsky wrote this composition while exiled in France. Dimitri Verhulst’s closing piece with Jan Decleir is inspired by Der Tribun by Maurico Kagel.

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Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


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