‘THE PUNCH - Mohamed Amine Mounna’

13 Oct.'20
- 19:00

Opening AFLAM 2020

Rabii, an unemployed young man from a disadvantaged background, meets Mustapha, a failed boxer brought down by his addiction to alcohol. Mustapha tries to convince Rabii to become a boxing "legend", a dream Mustapha himself has not been able to achieve…

Mohammed Amine Mounna’s first short film Ça tourne won a number of awards in 2012. He co-directed the series Bnat Lalla Menana, Zina and Waadi with Yassine Fennane, and in 2015, he directed some episodes of the series Une heure en enfer and Hadi O touba, both produced by Image factory. In the years that followed, Mohammed Amine directed two films for TV, Lbess kedek and 360°, and created the series Anissa Farida, L’usine and Héritage.


Practical information


Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Arabic
  • Subtitles: French

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