‘Sabot - Rashid Malikov ’

21 → 23

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The film will be available from 21 > 23 March.

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​​​​​​​1989, Karakalpakstan. The former Captain of the Soviet Army Saidulla lives alone in a small house. His son lives in the same village, but he does not communicate with Saidulla and does not his own son to communicate with his grandfather. Saidulla often has one vision: an old army friend comes to visit him. The same as he saw him for the last time alive – in a uniform with a gun. One day an unexpected discovery changes his live. Saidulla must get to the bottom of the most important things in his life as quick as possible.

​​​​​​​Rashid Malikov was born in Moscow, 1958 and graduated from the VGIK Russian Film University, Directing Programme. His 2014 feature The Uncle won the Grand Prix at Irkutsk International Film Festival. His latest, Fortitude (2018) won the Russian Film Critics’ Award at the Moscow International Film Festival 2018.                     

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  • Uzbek
  • Subtitles: English