Hathor ConsortRomina Lischka viola da gamba, artistic direction – Femke Gyselinck choreography, dance


Lachrimae or Seven Tears John Dowland
6 Interludes for 5 gambas and lute Annelies Van Parys

Lachrimæ, or, Seaven Teares figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans is the title of a collection of consort music published by John Dowland in 1604. The Englishman spins a wondrous web of thematic and harmonic connections through seven pavanes. At the request of the Hathor Consort, the celebrated Belgian composer Annelies van Parys has written a number of interludes.  These Interludes are an exceptionally successful contemporary rejoinder to Dowland’s melancholy polyphonies. Femke Gyselinck adds a sixth layer to the mysterious, five-part gloominess with her captivating choreography.