BOZAR, the National Lottery and the Engie Foundation are joining forces to make this year's National Day unforgettable, despite the circumstances. No grandiose parade or dancing in the street, but a day of hope and solidarity. We are gradually smoothing out the wrinkles of the crisis and relaxing the measures against the coronavirus. Following the virus’ devastating effect on our country, 21 July is an ideal opportunity to once again strengthen the connections between ourselves and the city. 

In the belief that art has a therapeutic and healing effect, we present to you, on 21 July, Art reconnects Belgium: an artistic project that will take place across four locations in Belgium. Artists are invited to create a great mural at iconic sites: Matthias Schoenaerts aka Zenith will leave his mark in Antwerp, ELNINO76 gets creative in Charleroi and Rinus Van de Velde creates a permanent artwork at Brussels Airport. In Brussels, artist Dema One will work on the eastern facade of the Centre for Fine Arts, along the Koningstraat.

The Belgian graffiti artist Dema One has worked on legendary projects all over the world. Together with ten young people from his studio in Molenbeek he will transform the walls of BOZAR with Diversity is the Power. Their message is clear: "Est Unitatis Fortitudinem" - Unity Makes Strength. You can follow their work in progress from 14 July, with the final unveiling on 21 July. 

On 21 July, on our national day of celebration, and a little further on towards the main entrance to BOZAR, along the Baron Hortastraat, you can watch the acrobats from Circus Zonder Handen. The young artists were trained during the spring holiday as part of a residency in BOZAR. They will now give an astounding demonstration of breakneck parkour with the performance Bruxelles Composé. Their inspiration? Keith Haring! 21 July is also the final day of his impressive retrospective.

/// PROGRAMME /// 

14th to 20th July, from 10:00 to 18:00 : installation of the murals in the 4 locations (please note that the schedule may vary depending on the weather and the progress of the artists' projects)

21st July at BOZAR :

- 14:00 - 16:00 - 18:00 : performances "BXL composé Keith Haring" Circus Zonder Handen (Baron Horta street)

- 18:00 : opening of Dema One's mural (Royale street)

- 10:00 to 21:00 : exceptional opening of the Keith Haring exhibition

- 10:00 to 18:00 : exhibitions Mondo Cane, Jacqueline Mesmaeker. Ah, quelle aventure ! et The World as a Pavilion. Vjenceslav Richter

NB : The murals will remain in place in the three cities throughout the all summer.

Did you know?

  • Exceptional opening hours for final days Keith Haring

    Exceptional opening hours for final days Keith Haring

    Even COVID-19 couldn’t stop the artistic energy and activist message of his iconic work from spreading. Keith Haring is well on its way to become our most successful exhibition yet. To make sure you don’t miss this historic show, we will extend our opening hours during its final days, from July 18th till 21st included.

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  • Meet the artists!

    21 JULY | Art Reconnects Belgium

    This year no major procession or exuberant revelry on our National Day, but rather a day marked by hope and solidarity. At the request of the Royal Palace, BOZAR will be arranging for four artists to display their talents at four iconic sites in Belgium, in each case creating a large mural. Here is a foretaste of what to expect from the four artists who will be lending colour to 21 July.   

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