In August of 2018, Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old student in Sweden, starts a school strike for the climate. Her question for adults: if you don’t care about her future on Earth, why should she care about her future in school? At that moment, nobody knows who this teenage girl, whose name is Greta Thumberg, is. As soon as the young Swedish director Nathan Grossman hears about these actions, he decides to follow Greta with his camera, without knowing where this decision would bring him. 

The screening will be preceded by an introduction given by Anuna De Wever (Youth Climate).​​​​​​​
Nathan Grossman is a Swedish documentary filmmaker and photographer whose work often explores environmental issues. A graduate of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Grossman began his career as a photographer for Rolling Stone India before shifting his focus to film. Grossman gained global attention for his 2015 short film The Toaster Challenge, which received over 15 million views.