Founded in 2009, the Millenium Festival's objective is to establish a link between the different facets of documentary cinema and the major issues of our time. For the 12th edition, we have selected for you no less than 95 films from all over the world. They explore an essential question of our modern world : that of borders. In this age of globalization, land borders seem to be disappearing in favour of invisible borders, both internal and external. Their dividing lines are often blurred but extremely powerful. By questioning our cultural, societal, mental or gender identities, they lead us to question and reshape our ethical considerations and behaviour on a daily basis.

For nine days, we invite you to explore these frontiers, to push them back, but also to welcome artists from around the world who will share with you the secrets of their filming. Let's dream, think, travel, imagine, and create the party together!

Practical information