‘BOZAR x Climate’


Global warming, ecological disaster, the destruction of natural habitats, consumerism, the separation between the human species and other forms of life are driving our societies to a breaking point, which the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted, while revealing its true extent.
“If everything has ground to a halt,” writes philosopher Bruno Latour, “everything can be called into question, changed, selected, sorted, set aside for good, or, on the contrary, accelerated.” It is neither possible nor conceivable to go back to “normal”. Therefore, let us imagine new values, new economies and alternative futures.  
Through the exhibition Galley of Futures, a selection of films (documentaries, fiction, experimental) and debates, BOZAR invites you to look at things differently, to adopt other points of view, at the core of the ecological mutation we are undergoing. In a positive, playful and engaging way, BOZAR invites you on a mind-blowing journey around the world, giving us a better understanding of the challenges it faces and the possible way forward.


Listen to BOZAR’s playlist " Art & Climate " on Spotify for free. These audio fragments have been carefully composed by OUTHERE