Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

‘Amazigh Spring: BAB SEBTA - Randa Maroufi’

10 Jan.'21
- 20:00

Online event

Watch the online screening via this link from January 10

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Amazigh Spring is a collaborative project between BOZAR and Moussem and focuses on the culture and struggles of the Amazighs, the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa. In this context, we present the award-winning short film Bab Sebta by director and visual artist Randa Maroufi.​​​​​​​

The film Bab Sebta (2019) is the result of years of observing the men and women working on the frontier between Africa and Europe. Randa Maroufi, herself the daughter of a customs officer, focuses particularly on the daily flow of people and goods through Ceuta (Sebta in Arabic or Berber), a Spanish enclave of no more than a few square kilometres on Moroccan soil. It is a free port for the users and their contraband. Maroufi reconstructs the route of the people who cross the border every day. She places them front and centre. As a film maker, she maintains a distance when the camera pans across waiting lines of tourists and smugglers. We see men and women, heavily laden like mules. They are all actors in their own lives. Randa Maroufi shows the choreography of their daily lives - sometimes in motion, but often forced to stand and wait for hours - and recreates, in a sublime, cinematic manner, the raw reality of everyday life at the gates of Ceuta.

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