‘When Business meets Art - Thierry Dubrunfaut’

1 Mar. →
1 Oct.'20


Part of FEB's 125th birthday celebrations in 2020, this exhibition focuses on Belgium's economic fabric. Thierry Dubrunfaut is an extraordinary photographer with a highly original angle on industry, trade, architecture, services and construction. His aesthetic and graphic approach transcends industrial locations, lending them unimagined beauty. 

Unusually, Thierry Dubrunfaut uses no digital manipulation in his work. His shots – featuring multiple exposures, bokeh, motion blur and other effects – are all created in-camera. For him, the moment when the shutter is released is sacred. This exhibition is his celebration of human activity as seen through his original eye and working within the constraints imposed by framing, illuminating and exposing the shot. 
So come and stroll past the 36 images on display and let your imagination carry you away as you guess what lies behind each one. Because when business meets art, everybody finds themselves enriched.

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