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​​​​​​​Global warming is the major phenomenon of our time. With all our social, political and aesthetic bearings turned inside out, art is like a compass. Artists free themselves from constraints, imagine forms, engage in actions that help to guide us and to take measure of the times to come.
In 2017, the École supérieure d’Art Annecy Alpes and the Centre de la Photographie Genève established the ‘Effondrement des Alpes’ (Collapse of the Alps) research platform, bringing together artists, designers, architects, theorists, scientists and others. All of them are concerned by the impact of global warming endured in real time.

In partnership with Effondrement des Alpes, BOZAR is opening a ‘Gallery of Futures’. From October to April, artists, architects, poets and performers present new projects in this Gallery in the form of so-called "patches", temporary "mini-exhibitions" that change every month. Each of them has selected a date between the present and 2100 and will present their vision of the future. In this evolving exhibition where artistic projects intertwine and unfold in succession, you will enter a gallery, or a tunnel, or a mine – a time-space taken over by different artists. You will then find yourself in 2031, 2099, 2068 or 2088, and experience the art from a potential future time.


Patch 0108.10 - 01.11.20 - Gilbard, Juliette le Monnyer, Lucie Payoux 
Patch 0208.10 - 22.11.20 - Armin Linke 
Patch 03: 07.11 - 13.12.20 - Sandra Lorenzi 
Patch 04: 25.11.20 - 10.01.21 - Toma Muteba Luntumbue 
Patch 05: 16.12.20 - 10.01.21 - Ursulab & the Biofrictions network 
Patch 06: 14.01 - 14.02.21 - Anne Kawala 
Patch 07: 14.01 - 14.02.21 - Pierre Gaignard, Cécile Guichard, Anne-Sarah Huet, Quentin Lazzareschi,  Stephen Loye, Louise Mervelet 
Patch 08: 17.02 - 14.03.21 - Josep-Maria Martin 
Patch 09: 17.02 - 14.03.21 - Mabe Bethonico 
Patch 10: 17.02 - 14.03.21 - Béatrice Josse 
Patch 11: 17.03 - 18.04.21 - Suely et Isael Maxacali 
Patch 12: ​​​​​​​17.03 - 18.04.21 - Year undetermined - Michel François 

Did you know?

Ongoing and forthcoming