27 Oct.'20
- 19:00

At the Gilbard collective exhibition, check out the latest achievements by students from the ERG, the Brussels graphic design school, and their guests. ERG TV, a cross-disciplinary platform, gives free rein to their manifold talents. As part of the event, the AnimLab students have invited Sebastien Delahaye to lead a live workshop on how to make a digital camera; Jules Urban, who will place himself in a reconstructed Tirana city centre; and Nathan Saudek, who will stream video flows to create visual games.

AnimLAB (ERG) combines drawing, writing, sound experimentation, film, installations, and digital and analogue performances, with other, non-artistic fields.

Jules Urban has developed a personal approach to documentary videos, and focuses on topics pertaining to the body and its environment. 

Nathan Saudek has developed different animation techniques for his work in the television programme Nuit directe and the series Les contes de l'Est.

Sebastien Delahaye is a photographer and video artist. He makes analogue and digital photography tools to experiment with image capture.

Gilbard is a Brussels-based art collective that focuses on reuse (of materials and energies) and operates in public spaces.

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